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Does PlayStation Tell You Who Reported You? (Can PSN False Reporting Happen?)

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Have you ever been playing against someone online and you’re pretty sure they were cheating; maybe it was even one of your friends? You probably thought about reporting them but did not want them to know you were the one that reported them. 

So are PlayStation reports anonymous?

Although PlayStation knows who the report comes from, and who is being reported, they do not let the person know who or what account reported them. This means that every PlayStation report is anonymous. 

Although the reports from Playstation are anonymous that doesn’t mean that the person you report won’t be able to figure it out on their own. For example, if you are playing a game with a friend and you report their messages but they haven’t messaged anyone but you then they will definitely know that you reported their chats.

So although it’s anonymous in regards to Playstation telling them who reported them you still have to be careful if you are reporting friends’ or family’s chat messages as they could figure it out and be quite upset about it.

If you want to know more about the reports that PlayStation receives and how to report the best way you will want to keep reading.

You can also watch this video below to learn more as well if you prefer.

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PSN False Reporting

Although the reporting feature is essential and a must-have, it often leads to inaccurate reporting. There are many cases where someone will report you for simply beating them in a game when you did nothing wrong. 

This kind of situation makes these sorts of things very complicated. On the one hand, it is an important feature. On the other side, it can lead to deletion and blockage of someone who did nothing wrong if the support staff gets it wrong. 

Although PlayStation says they check the content of the message before suspending someone, sometimes the person who checks the messages or actions might get it wrong.  PlayStation says they are constantly working on upgrading their system to ensure that the suspended accounts truly need to be suspended. 

If your account has been banned and you didn’t do anything, you can always contact Sony to plead your case they will then give it a manual review and if an error was made they can correct it. Just because you don’t feel like your actions were “that bad” doesn’t mean that the ban or suspension will be lifted, however.

How Do You Report Someone On PlayStation? (PS4 or PS5?)

If you are facing some trouble and want to block or report someone who violated the community code of conduct then you can do it quickly. All you need to do is to follow these steps. You can also read the official steps mentioned on the PlayStation website.

There are many kinds of reporting provided by PlayStation. You can report chat logs as well as the user profiles of any player.

Multiple features can help you get the desired report. The entire profile of the player will depend upon your reporting actions. This is why you need to be responsible enough to report only major issues, and not just because someone beat you at a game.

For small disputes and quarrels, you can ignore or mute the profile.

To use the reporting system you can go to his/her profile and select the options button. Next, you can see the name, profile picture, and other options. 

Next, you will select report. After pushing the button you have to provide a reason from the list of what abusive behavior the player was doing. Choosing the appropriate one helps PlayStation Support find out the exact reason for the report.

Depending upon what you report will depend upon what action is taken. This is why it is very important to report the proper thing they were doing. 

If the person is chatting and sending you unwanted messages or an offensive message, when you are on the messages screen, you will simply go to options and choose a report. From there you will choose the message you wish to report to PlayStation from the other user. Then you will select why you are reporting that message. 

Always remember to only report someone who has actually violated the community guidelines and not just some who is better than you at a game.

What Is PlayStation Reporting?

Reporting is a feature of PlayStation in which you can let Playstation know if you feel the player is cheating or if you think it is a fake account. This is a good thing in online gaming because many anonymous profiles can be so annoying, and some are just spammers.  

Reporting the person to Playstation will cause Playstation’s support team to take a look at the account and see if anything wrong has been done. 

PlayStation reports are entirely anonymous. The person who you reported to Playstation will not know who it was that reported him/her but if you were messaging them and said you were going to report them then they might be able to figure it out. 

They will also not be able to find the exact reason for which they got reported. They may get an email or some message that their profile is banned because of inappropriate use, but that is normally the extent of it. The person’s account will get blocked, and he/she will not be able to sign in to the same account temporarily or permanently depending on the severity of the violation. 

Reporting mainly solves the problem without getting into a harsh fight. Since online gaming includes tons of people, answering and responding to a lot of arguments is not the right choice. Therefore anonymous reports are the best answer.

Why Is PlayStation Reporting Essential?

Reports are essential because you can block someone who has broken some code of conduct, or online playing rules, or is rude, and his/her behavior is inappropriate but that doesn’t fix anything in the future. 

When you report the player and Playstation takes action against them it will either temporarily or permanently remove the person from the platform and will hopefully cause them to change their ways. 

When you report a person, his account may get suspended or nothing may happen at all depending on whether Playstation can prove something wrong was done or not. Sometimes Playstation will not do anything immediately but repeated reports will cause the account to be suspended or banned.

You will be notified that the account report has been processed, but you will not get a message if the profile has been suspended or what action has been taken. You can watch the profile to see if it is banned but you will never hear anything official from Playstation.

Why Are The PlayStation Reports Anonymous?

If PlayStation reports were not anonymous, then it would be possible for the person you reported to report you back or try to take retribution in another way. Especially if the person received a permanent ban, then they might want to come after you and escalate it even off the platform! 

If that were to happen, you would not be able to get rid of the person you wanted to, and reporting someone would actually make the situation worse but since reporting is anonymous then you don’t have to worry about that.

Why Is PlayStation Reporting Important?

It is an essential feature because of the things it covers. If you are peacefully enjoying a game but suddenly you get a message from a person who is sending you inappropriate content, there should be some tools to handle this situation. Reporting helps in this regard. 

Instead of replying and engaging with the other person, you can go to his/her profile and report them. At this point, a PlayStation representative will handle the entire situation and make sure you cannot be bothered again by the same person.

If you do report someone, and they get banned, even though they may be able to guess who it was, they will not know, and they will not have any way of accessing your account and reporting you or messaging you again. 

What Happens If You Get Reported On PlayStation?

If you get reported there is nothing to worry about unless you did something wrong. Since each report is looked at by Playstation’s staff then just being reported won’t do anything to you.

If you did something wrong however your account can get suspended or may be permanently banned depending upon the severity of your actions. If your account is banned or suspended then you will receive an email explaining it and whether it is temporary or permanent. 

If you get a temporary suspension, you will get the account back after a couple of days. However, for a permanent suspension, you will not be able to access the account ever again. You can contact PlayStation support to explain the issue but once a permanent ban has been issued, Playstation will rarely lift it.

If you have been banned, this video will show you what you can do and cannot do with your account. 

Can PlayStation Ban You Without A Report?

If you haven’t been reported can your PlayStation account or console still get suspended or banned?

Your PlayStation account or console can still get banned even if you didn’t get reported. PlayStation has some automatic filters that can cause your messages to get reviewed and in turn, you could get banned or suspended even without getting reported.

How To Find Out Who Reported You On PlayStation

If you have been reported and you think that it was someone who you recently beat in a game you might be wondering if there is a way to know exactly who reported you.

With PlayStation, there is no way to find out who reported you. This is because PlayStation doesn’t want you to retaliate in any way against a person who has reported you.

Although you might be able to guess who reported you if you recently had an argument with someone via messages or in a game PlayStation will not tell you exactly who it was that reported you.


Now that you know that Playstation reports are anonymous, you can go ahead and report someone who has been sending you messages and you do not have to worry about them finding out who reported them. 

You also know the two proper ways to report someone. 

If you have a message from a person that is inappropriate, you will want to report the message instead of their profile so the message is shown in the report to Sony.

Now that you know all about reporting, you can go ahead and play online and not worry about cheaters or people messaging you inappropriate things anymore as you now know what to do when this happens.