Will A PlayStation 1 Controller Work With A PlayStation 2? (PS2 Controller With The PS1?)

Have you ever owned a PS 1 and were going to one of your friends house that has a PS2 and you wanted to bring your controller? Maybe you are buying a PS2 and you want to know if you need to buy extra controllers or if you can use the ones from your PS1.

Well, in this article we will go over everything you need to know about using a PS1 controller on a PS2. 

So is a PlayStation 1 controller compatible with a PlayStation 2?

Although a PlayStation 2 controller will work properly on a PlayStation 1, a PlayStation 1 controller will not work with the software on the PlayStation 2. PlayStation did make the controllers backwards compatible, but did not make the original controller able to work on the newer system. 

If you want to know more about the PlayStation controller and systems you will want to keep reading. You can also check out this video which reviews the PlayStation 1 controller. 


When it comes to applauding the benefits of playing games on the go, nothing can beat the priceless and efficient use of the PlayStation. In modern times, the PlayStation is regarded to be a solid take on playing all sorts of games.

However, users need to pay attention to the configuration and the settings, so that things can be controlled right on time. If you are a gaming addict, then using the PlayStation to fulfill all your needs is marked in the essential category.

However, if you have the old version of the PlayStation 1, then not all things can suit you. In fact, if you have switched to PS2, then the controller of the PS1 will not work on your system. 

What are the compatible settings that users should know about the controller?

For all PlayStation users out there, it is important to get in touch with the fact that the controller of the playstation 2 can be used for playstation 1. On the other hand, the opposite cannot be done here. The Playstation 2 requires some sophisticated settings, for which the PS1 controller is not compatible. However, if you are to know more about this compatibility, take note of the settings below:

  • The graphics display of Playstation 2 is much more enhanced and typically, the graphics of playstation1 are not as proper. Therefore, when it comes to the use of CD’s and DVD’s from other sources, Playstation 2 is likely to give a better configuration than the previous playstation box.
  • On the other hand, the games that are compatible with the controlling option of Playstation 1 are not the same as Playstation2. Therefore, it is not always possible to understand the difference, until and unless the device is used to play certain games.
  • Sometimes, the games that are played on Playstation 1cannot be done so on the Playstation 2. In that situation, forget about using the controller for the Playstation 1. You have to ensure that the settings are perfect before the use of the device is finally confirmed.
  • A fact about using the PS2 controller on the PS1 is more or less confirmed. These are the basic criteria that serve the medium of all upgraded PlayStation models. However, this doesn’t mean that the Playstation 1 is fully obsolete. Thinking about using the Playstation 1 controller on the PS2 can be done, only if the convertor to upgrade the software is used.
  • Another interesting fact about the controller of the PS1 is that it is not sensitive to pressure. Therefore, when you are playing too many sensitive games on the recent version of the PS2, the content, as well as the additional pressure, cannot be fully handled. On that note, you have to rest assured that the controller of the PS1, can in no way, be used on PS2.

Thoughts about the ultimate PlayStation system software

A lot of efforts to keep up with the compatibility of playstation1 with PS2 are being made. On that note, it is essential to track down the basics of the style of PlayStation software and how likely it works for the users. When you sit down to play a game of some sort, the system configuration is very important.

This is because the main controlling agent, which is the software is totally responsible for all the actions that you take part in. Therefore, even a slight mismatch can finally make you vulnerable to the spot. It is important to trace the basics of the PlayStation software so that the compatibility level of the controller can be found as well.

Thus, some of the basics working schemes of the software that you need to know today are as follows:

  • Even after continuous research on various PlayStation models, a lot of efforts have been given to the overall structure of the controller here. This is mainly the hub of all controlling activities here. Meanwhile, when you are trying to play specific games on the new Playstation 2, nothing of any sort of playstation1 works on the PS2. This immediate change is not possible altogether.
  • When it comes to using the memory card as well, the PS1 is not suitable here either. Therefore, the only trick that might work here is to pose a suitable chance to use the same SD card that has been provided with the actual PlayStation kit. It is also said that in order to avoid any kind of extra compatible disasters, using the proper models and accessories only will further enhance the game features as well.
  • When playing any kind of games that are filled with sensitive content, additional force or pressure is not at all possible. The only thing that can be done here is that all sorts of extra parts that are given for the PS2 can be used for the PlayStation 1. Here, you cannot use the alternate, as it might damage the configuration, as well as corrupt the entire system settings. Therefore, it is always advised to read the terms and conditions of the controller, before they are used for any kind of play business.

What can you do about the compatibility of the controller problems?

When trying to analyze the final result of the force on the PlayStation 2, the controller for the Playstation 1 is less likely to give adequate results on the PS2. Even if certain conversions and system changes do take place, the results will not at all pleasant. If you are a hardcore gamer and sensitive and pressurized games are your forte, then try to avoid the use of a controller of one device on the other.

Also, the removal of SD cards will hamper the entire process and permanent damage can be witnessed to the entire PS2.


The controller for the PlayStation 1 should be used for the PlayStation 1 only. Trying to use the PS2 controller on the PS1 will also bring adequate results too. Therefore, always draw on the basic statement about the use of the controller wisely, so that things can be undertaken for better gameplay of players.

No matter which controller you prefer to use on the PS1, they will work. Even though the PS1 controllers won’t work on the PS2, it was nice that PlayStation made the PS2 controller backwards compatible. 

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