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How To Make Your PlayStation Quieter?

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Have you been playing your PlayStation and wished that it could be a little quieter? Maybe the noise the fan makes just drives you crazy as you can hear it kick on every time. Well, in this article, we will go over everything you need to know about making your PlayStation quieter. 

So how do you make your PlayStation quieter?

Although most people do not think about it, there are a lot of people that have simply cleaned out and blown the dust out of their PlayStation in order to help reduce the noise. Others have upgraded to the newest model as the fans on the new model are quieter than the old. 

If you want to know more about the PlayStation and how to make it quieter, you will want to keep reading. You can also check out this video to see what you can do to make the PlayStation quieter. 

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Are new PlayStation quieter than older ones?

With the development of new technology, the PlayStation consoles have also improved. PlayStation has several different consoles but each one is different from its previous version.

Being better in features, the new consoles contain even more complex internal circuitry inside the consoles.

There are processors, memory operators, circuit boards, and tons of other things residing inside the console. They heat up when the PlayStation starts to do more processing. Because of this issue, the fan speed also increases which ultimately results in greater sound production. With newer technology though come quieter motors. The motor that is used to run the newest PlayStation fan, is much quieter than the previous ones. 

If you play a lot of console games you must have noticed that after some time, your console starts to make some noise.

If the sound gets louder with time, that can be a sign of trouble. When you play too many games, the fans inside the PlayStation start to speed up. With time, this speed increases. This is because the PlayStation starts to produce more heat, and needs to cool down. 

The internal processors heat up even more therefore the PlayStation’s operating system automatically increases the speed of the fan so the noise also increases. 

Making the PlayStation quieter

Many techniques can be used to reduce or even stop the sound of the PlayStation speed.

Although not all of them might work on your console, you can test them to check on your console.

There can be many reasons for the PlayStation console to make noise.The major issue is that most people will get dirt or dust in different parts of their PlayStation. The dirt stops the working process and it should be cleaned often. 

 A few methods to make the PlayStation quieter are given below:

Fixing the fan issue

You will hear the fast fan noise when you start to play a heavy graphics game. The PlayStation starts to heat up, and therefore the centrifugal fan will start to spin more. With the continuous spinning for several months, your PlayStation fan will start to catch quite a bit of dust.

These dust particles stop the fan from working properly. If the dust is too much, the fan can even stop which can result in the permanent damage of the console.

This is why the fan of the PlayStation needs to be cleaned often. The fan accumulates and captures more dust and eventually it will start to build up and cause overheating problems. 

Many people, even after knowing this issue, continue to play on the dusty console.

This results in even more dust piling up, and sometimes causing damage to the PlayStation console. The ultimate solution that can be used is to get a proper clean up or service of the console.

You can do it yourself or you can seek professional help from different gaming stores.

Clean up of the PlayStation console

The best thing to clean up the console internally is to use a good quality vacuum cleaner or compressed air. With the use of a vacuum that has small pipes, you can catch the dirt particles easily. 

One important tip that you need to know is to make sure that you never use a full size vacuum for cleaning the PlayStation. The speed of the air is too strong and can cause damage inside the console and its internal circuitry. The inside structure of the console is made up of sensitive components and you will need to be delicate every time that you are cleaning them. It might take a little longer to catch the dust particles but in the end, it will be completely clean. 

Maintenance of the PlayStation

Dust can be a huge issue for your PlayStation console. You can try different techniques to clean it. Proper maintenance is required to make the PlayStation working properly every time you use it. 

You should use a soft cloth to clean up the console regularly. Also, you can keep it in a safe environment that is protected from the dust. Most of the professional gamers keep their consoles in some sort of case that keeps it protected after they are done playing the games.

Unfortunately a lot of regular people just leave their console sitting out all the time, and this results in the fan getting clogged with dust. The dust keeps on adding on it everyday that they play.  An important habit that should be adopted while playing on the PlayStation is to always pack them away after playing so that the dust does not damage the surface and internal structure of the console.

Also, you should do a regular cleaning of the console. Althogh this sounds dumb to some people, if you maintain your console and keep the dust out of it, you will have a working PlayStation for a long time to come. 

If you are unable to keep up this activity, you can get a proper service of the console from the gaming stores or Sony’s official PlayStation stores. The professionals there will do a proper cleanup of the inside as well as outside.

In this way, everything will be cleaned and the console will become quiet just like a new one. 

Additional tips

Make sure that you keep the PlayStation in perfect ventilation. Keeping the console in a closed environment can result in damaging the console. Also, pack the console after each game session so that less dust will be accumulated in the console. 

If you do not want to pack it up every time, you should at last, try to keep the PlayStation in a vertical standing position for a while as well. Sometimes, this can solve the overheating problem so the noise becomes less.


Now that you know how to fix the issue of your PlayStation being loud, and how to fix the issue, you can simply fix the problem and keep on playing the games you love. There are many PlayStation games, but no matter which one you play if your console is making noise, you will want to stop and fix the issue immediately. 

Once the issue is fixed, you can get back to playing your favorite games on your PlayStation. If you need to purchase a can of compressed air to clean out your PlayStation, you can get one here